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I applaud, once again, your efforts concerning making code both pleasing to look at and easy to access as text.

One question: how does one access the alt text of one of your shorter snippets? I can see the alt text, in a tool-tip sort of window, when I hover over the image, but I don't see a way to copy it. (Unlike, say, Twitter's pop-up that comes when clicking the "Alt" button.) Yes, I can get to it by doing View Source and searching for "alt=", but I presume you have something less clunky in mind.

Not that I need to do this, right here and now, but I thought it might be worth asking, as a general matter.

If the answer is, "There is no good way; that's why I use the 'copy code' links to GitHub, and anything that's too short to merit a link should be NBD for you to type in yourself", that's perfectly fine!

I do hope Substack does something about improving the style of embedded code. That would be big.

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Nice explanation on the r methods with good illustrative case.

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